Happy New Year from The Zion Project!

I pray that all of you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to 2010 as much as we are!  I wanted to take a few minutes and reflect on 2009 and talk about the future of The Zion Project Ministries.

It’s hard to believe 2009 is over and we had 3 tremendous conferences!  We started the year by setting aside 3 days of fasting and engaging in prayer.  I’ve received wonderful testimonies about how people and churches were changed as a result of this conference, and in fact set the foundation for a year when many saw God move in a new and powerful way.  Prayer groups were started, strongholds were broken, revivals broke out, and may other wonderful things came forth from this special time in the presence of the Lord.  Following The Prayer Summit we held the Mission Minded Motherhood Conference, which equipped natural and spiritual mothers with knowledge and tools to help raise this prophetic generation.  Finally, we had our Mighty Warrior’s Children’s Conference which saw many children saved and filled with the Holy Ghost! Our children are never too young and we felt the need to equip them to be mighty warriors for Christ.

As Pastor Anna (co-founder of The Zion Project Ministries) and I discussed 2010, we were directed to the passage in the Bible where Jesus traveled to Bethany to visit his friends, Mary and Martha.  As Jesus entered their house, Mary choose to drop everything-her duties, hosting, and serving-to just simly sit at the feet of Jesus.  Martha, on the other hand, immediatily began to prepare to serve Jesus and his guests.  At some point in her hectic perparation, Martha realized her sister’s absences and realized she was the only one serving.  I imagine she quickly went to Mary and requested her help.  “Why are you just sitting, when your help is needed in the kitchen”?  “Who do you think you are to leave all the work to me?”  When Mary did not conform to Martha’s expectations, Martha then went to Jesus and complained only to be told that “Mary is doing the needful thing”.  Can you imagine Martha’s reaction to all of this.  She was the one doing the hard labor, cooking, sweating, and cleaning to prepare for Jesus and his guest and yet Jesus told her that “Mary was doing the “needful” thing.  Thoughts like, “well, I would like to just sit and do nothing too, but who will serve you and your guest” or “I would like to just sit and enjoy your presence too, but the food will burn.”  Hundred of sermons from various perspectivies have been preached from this passage.  Questions arise like, “Am I suppose to be like Mary or Martha”.  “Should I just sit in His presence or be a servant for Him and his guest?” I believe the lesson we are to take from this passage is not to be more like Mary or more like Martha but to be both.

With direction from the Lord, I am being lead to take the month of January to seek the Lord for the direction of the Zion Project for 2010.  I don’t ever want to get caught in a rut or system of doing things just because they have worked in the past.  This is God’s ministry and I want to seek His direction in a fresh way for this new year.  Please join me in praying and fasting, and I look forward to sharing the Lord’s plans for this ministry in February.  Please take the tools you learned last year in the prayer summit to seek the Lord through fasting and prayer as you start your year.

I appreciate all of you and thank you for making 2009 such a successful first year for The Zion Project Ministries.




2010 Prayer Summit Postponed

More details to follow, but the Prayer Summit is currently postponed.

Dress for Success in the Kingdom

I recently watched a broadcast of a well-known lady minister with integrity who has been preaching the gospel for many years.  Her entire broadcast was devoted to women covering themselves by dressing appropriately. In one statement, she asked, “What kind of message are you sending when you dress that way as a Christian?”.  “That way” was meaning in a seductive way.  A friend of mine told me she had been disturbed when she saw a lady minister preaching in a low cut dress, exposing her cleavage.  My Mother was watching TBN recently and saw a prominent lady minister preaching and, when she bent down a little, she could see a lot of her cleavage.  It was so shocking that she had to turn the channel.  I had another friend tell me about attending a state camp meeting and seeing a lady in the choir wearing a very tight, almost see-through, top revealing she wasn’t wearing a bra.

In June I taught a bible study on the works of the flesh out of Galatians 5.  One of the works was lasciviousness, meaning anything that would foster lust and sex.  During this discussion, a lot of women spoke up and began airing their concerns over Christian women coming to church wearing low cut dresses or tops, short skirts, short skirts with bare legs, tight pants, low cut jeans showing the belly and behind and attire exposing the back.  One lady in the class told about her husband having to turn his head in church to keep from looking at a woman who was wearing a low cut dress exposing a lot of cleavage.  Not only did it affect his worship, but hers as well.  When that comment was said, other women began to vent their frustration of having to deal with the same thing.  It hindered their worship and receiving from God.

So, by saying all of this, it seems to me that the Holy Spirit is sending a clear message to the women of the church.  I know this is a controversial topic, but I feel strongly it needs to be addressed in love.  What I am about to say is not legalism, but a call to holiness in our attire.  Ladies, we may not realize the effect our body parts have on men, especially when they’re not properly covered.  Men, young and old, are very visual.  It doesn’t take much, especially with the help of the enemy, to get their minds wandering and distracted in sensual land.  I know we ladies like dressing in the latest fashions, but does it honor God? We are not to be conformed to this world’s seductive fashion trends.  A few years ago, I went shopping and found a very nice skirt.  I just loved it, so I went to the dressing room and tried it on.  It looked great from the front, but when I turned around, the split was too high.  My thoughts immediately were, “I can’t minister in this, and I can’t dance in this, and I can’t fall out in the Spirit like this.”  The Holy Spirit plainly told me to take it off.  I admit I wrestled with it for a few moments, but I didn’t want to displease Him.  So, the skirt went back on the rack.  I could have purchased it and had it altered, but I believe it was a test of obedience.  I went shopping for new shoes last year and, when I found a cute pair, the Holy Spirit said, “Not those shoes.”  Why? They were too seductive.  I found it’s the same when I go shopping for jewelry or anything else, whether for church, work or play.

The Holy Spirit is our Teacher and Helper, not just for speaking in tongues on Sunday morning.  Before Queen Esther came into the king’s presence, she got to choose whatever she wanted to wear.  She ask the person who knew the king’s taste better than anyone – Hegai, the king’s chamberlain – what attire would please him.  She followed Hegai’s instruction, and won the king’s approval and the crown.  The Holy Spirit knows what pleases the King of kings, so we need to allow Him to dress us, especially when we go into His Presence.  I had a very precious friend of mine make a comment about the church offending the harvest, the new converts, when addressing proper attire during worship.  I totally agree it should be handled very delicately.  But, what about the church, more seasoned saints, offending the church just like the examples the women gave in our bible study?  If we don’t set the standard, how will the harvest see and know the difference when they come in?  The holy priests of the temple were instructed by God to cover up for worship. They set the example for other worshippers.  Ladies, I believe we can dress very stylishly, hip and attractive and still be covered.  Let’s dress for success in the kingdom – pleasing our King and setting the right example for others to follow.  It may mean we have to take inventory of our closets, but think of it this way…another excuse to go shopping and with our own personal stylist, the Holy Spirit! 🙂 Vickie Henderson

Mount Moriah Day

Today was Mount Moriah day in the Wallace house.  If you don’t know what a Mount Moriah day is, it is the day my children start back to public school.  Mount Moriah was the place that Abraham was asked to sacrifice his only son on an alter to the Lord.  We all know that Isaac, the son, did not truly have to die, but it was merely a test of Abraham’s obedience and devotion to the Lord.

I had the usual spiritual-emotional wrestling match with the decision on whether or not to home school this year.  As I agonized over letting go and trusting the Lord yet again, I came to some very comforting conclusions in my life.  It is all about timing.  God strategically places his troops where they are needed.  Our children, no matter how young or old, are apart of His army.  They, too, have a position to fill.  Some are positioned in the home and in home school co-ops.  Some are placed in Christian school settings or private school arenas where we sometimes neglect to see the harvest field in need.  Some, like my babies, are placed in public school settings.  This may be the vilest of all arenas at times, but if we as Christians totally retreat from secular arenas, how will the world see the light?

As I cried before the Lord one night over this school year, He took me to 3 very familiar passages.  The first was the passage in Matthew 5:13-16. My babies are a light, and I need to let them shine.  As I argued with the Lord about the possible dangers awaiting them—Harry Potter, 4-letter words, aggressive girl friends, carnal teachers, etc., the Lord took me to Matthew 15:10-18. If I truly hide the Word in my children’s hearts, it is not their external environment that will alter them.  The internal truth will keep them grounded, so I need not fear the world.  It is what is planted in their heart that will prevail.  Lastly, as I began to assert my mother’s authority, I argued with God that I was responsible for their care and I had to do what was best. He simply took me to Matthew 15: 32-36 and gave me a choice.  He said to me, “Deven, what’s in your basket?  You can keep it for yourself, or you can give it to me and I will feed the multitudes.”

So if you are a mother of school age children as I am, I wanted to encourage you today with this.  It’s all about obedience, and it’s all about timing.  God knows what arena our children should be in to gain internal stability in Him.  He has a position for them and timing for that position.  Whether it’s at home, whether it’s at a private school, or whether it’s at a public school, we simply have to trust Him.  He gave them to us.  It is the Lord who has filled our baskets.  When he asks for our loaves and fish, do we trust him enough to let Him bless it, break it, and feed the multitude?  It was after Jesus had fed the crowd that the single basket turned into twelve full baskets. This lets us know that the Lord will never leave us empty handed!  Our children can take part in the Kingdom of God.  We have to release them to be the mighty warriors He is calling them to be.  Deven Wallace

Our Children Are Part of the Church Now!

In light of our upcoming children’s conference I am compelled to share some thoughts that burn within me.  The theme of our children’s conference is “Mighty Warriors”.  The subject of this ministry should provoke us all to the realization that raising a generation of victorious warriors begins NOW with you and me. 

Recently I viewed a documentary about child soldiers in Uganda.  I was shocked to read of factual wars in Uganda were children as young as 6 years of age were abducted from their homes and taken to “the bush” as it was called.  In the bush soldiers would drug, torture and brainwash the children until they were part of an army called “Lords Resistance Army”.  This army was dedicated to killing people young and old, male and female.  Once brainwashed and trained these children became child soldiers.  It’s appalling to think of children that were forced to become a part of a murderous military army, but it happens.  The statistics state that over 30,000 children were kidnapped, abducted and taken to the bush to be trained for the LRA. 

So what’s my point?  For too long the church has patted children on the head and sent them to be entertained by puppets and a penny march.  They were told they were the church of tomorrow.  I say they are not the church of tomorrow but they are part of the church today.  Our children are well able to be trained and taught that they now have the power and authority to overcome the enemy of their soul.  They can be taught they are a vital part of the church to day and God can and will use them now to lay hands on the sick. Our children can know now what it is to have faith to believe in their prayers.   Please don’t misunderstand my heart.  I believe and support a puppet ministry.  The church where my family and I are involved uses this and other exciting tools for ministry.   

What I want to say is the church adults, leaders, parents and grandparents must realize an eternal war is waging now in the heavens to keep our children from the truth.  Many children are lead astray by false hopes and dreams.  The world wants to lead them to believe in a magician and magic to get their power. Why is it the world decides it is possible to train small children to become strong in armed forces but often some adults of the church are waiting for our children to become  “of age” before they are encouraged to worship.  Or they must be “of age” to be welcomed at the altar to lay hands on the sick. 

There is an unstoppable force lying within our children.  Let’s teach them that they are part of the army of the Lord now.  They need to know now they have a military uniform to wear according to Ephesians 6.  We must teach them how to use their weapons of warfare.  Let’s teach them to pray.  We must equip them with the sword of the spirit.  Let’s give them opportunities now and allow our children to open their young mouths with authority and see their situations change.  Let’s build their confidence to know that they can be protected from evil influence. 

I do believe the church is awakening to the responsibility that our children are part of the church now. Our children are preparing the way of the Lord!  Darlene Landreth

Clothing The Next Generation In Action!

After the Zion Project “Mission Minded Motherhood Conference” I went home equipped and excited to begin to “clothe” my daughter Nyah with the mission that God had for her life.  To be very honest I was not sure exactly how I was to “teach” my daughter, since she is only two, I didn’t really think she would capture verses or songs! (“Oh me of little faith!” ) I decided that my husband and I would choose a verse every month and share it with Nyah every night, have her repeat back to us and then we would pray.  If anything I believed that the word would be spoken over her and Nyah would be covered with the promises of God.  So I began to recite Psalm 118:24, “This is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it.”  Nyah would repeat it in her own toddler language, some nights harder than others, as we know “night, night time” isn’t always the happiest time, but we would stay there with her until we had recited it completely.  This routine continued for the whole month and then on the first of June my husband and I were debating which new verse we should do, Nyah overheard us and exclaimed (on her own) “Dis is de day, the Lord has ade, I Rejoice and be gan it it!”  Talk about a Hallelujah moment!  My husband and I were abundantly overflowing in our hearts and with our praises to her.

 Psalm 8:2 “From the lips of children and infants
       you have ordained praise (Strength-KJV) 
       because of your enemies,
       to silence the foe and the avenger.”

This is what God has ordained for my daughter, and for that matter every one’s child, to praise the Lord and gain the strength of God over their enemies and to silence those that try to come up against them.  My little mind did not fully understand that it was not dependent on my skill of “teaching”, God already said in his word that it has already been ordained, God is the one that put it in her heart and on her lips, I was just an agent of God to help release that which was already in her!  Our nighttime routine has become one of the most precious things to my family.  Nyah has learned two verses and we are on our third now, she also has started to pray on her own!  I do not say these things to boast about myself, but to boast in the One whom has given my daughter a greater calling.

I know that each one of our children has a mighty and great calling for the kingdom of God NOW, not tomorrow or when they are older but NOW!The Zion Project vision statement includes the following, “to reclaim our inheritance by pouring into and equipping the next generation for this final hour of the church”.   This is what we will be doing at the Mighty Warriors Children’s Conference, pouring the word of God into our children and equipping them with the armor of God!  So we invite you to bring your children and equip them with the armor of God!  Wilmari Hamilton

“Bringing in the Sheaves”

Ps. 126:6 “He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.”  In 1874 Knowles Shaw wrote a famous gospel song based on this scripture, with one verse saying, Going forth with weeping, sowing for the Master, Though the loss sustained, our spirit often grieves; when our weeping’s over, He will bid us welcome, we shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves.”  Knowles Shaw came to salvation after playing his violin at a party one evening.  As he was playing, his daddy’s dying words came back to him, “Prepare to meet thy God.”  He immediately stopped playing, went home, fasted and wrestled under a blanket in warfare for days over his soul until victory was won.  Immediately afterwards, he went to church, professed his faith in Christ and was baptized.  Knowles Shaw entered the ministry and became known as the “Singing Evangelist”.  He traveled all over preaching the gospel and wrote multitudes of songs.  He died in a train accident, and his last words recorded were, “It is a grand thing to rally people to the Cross of Christ.” 

 Hebrews 9:27 “It is appointed unto man once to die, but after this the judgment.”  Behind some pulpits in America and abroad, many have been inundated with a selfish gospel of me, myself and I.  A lot of it has to do with naming and claiming the best houses, the best cars and the best life one can get.  Certainly, God is not against the Christian having nice things or being the best one can be, but He is not in favor of selfish ambition and things having the Christian.  In this selfish gospel, it leaves little room for sinners, with altar calls for the lost not relevant to their message.  While they are naming and claiming goods for themselves, they forget about the sinner who is dying and going to hell for eternity. When I was growing up in the Methodist church, there was a lot of emphasis placed on reaching the lost.  I saw many souls weeping their way to salvation at the altar.  I could see and hear the cries of the saints when an altar call was given.  Their sincere, Christ-like compassion was to not see one sinner walk out the door in a lost condition.  The saints lingered at the altar as long as necessary.  There was no rush to be the first in the buffet line.  Visitation to the sinners was practiced, and heaven & hell were preached often.  As a result, many souls were turned to Christ.  I have never forgotten it, and those weeping saints made an impact in my life.

In John 4:35, Jesus speaking says, “I say unto you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.”  While we are praying for ourselves or going about our daily routines, let us not forget about the great harvest of souls…our neighbor, co-worker or family member.  My mother prays for the Hollywood stars.  Jesus came to save the lost.  He may lay someone on your heart to pray over or visit.  Let us go forth and reap the harvest!  While we can’t take our earthly things with us to Heaven, we can, however, take the souls we have helped win to Christ.  Like the composer of that blessed song wrote, “we shall come rejoicing bringing in the sheaves.”   Vickie Henderson