Will you answer the call and prepare the Way of the Lord?

My name is Deven Wallace and I am the founder of the Zion Project.  I am 29 years old, married to a pastor, and the proud mother of four beautiful children.  The Zion Project is a vision given to me by the Lord and a ministry for women and by women.  Women like me who are trying to find out how in the world to wear the many hats placed upon us, all the while trying to be a human being with our own individual desires and goals.  Women like me who are trying to balance ministry and motherhood, marriage and friendship.  Women who are trying to figure out exactly what we are called to do, what we are required to do, what we want to do, and if any of them can fit together.  I understand how we get pulled in so many directions that we’re not sure if we have any say so in our own life. As I type this blog I am also pretending to drink a magic cup of hot tea with my 3-year-old and keep my 1-year-old daughter from slobbering on the computer keys.  My laundry is overflowing from a ministry trip to Indiana and my house looks like the battle of Armageddon (and sounds like it). This would be the day of all days that my mother-in-law would stop by!  And somehow I have to change gears and dress in a church suit by 7pm and sit as a special guest at a Rod Parsley meeting with a group of other pastor’s wives and act like I have it all together.  This is just a typical day in my life! 

This ministry is for women who know what it’s like to go through the circus of dressing you and your family for church, only to spend over half of the service walking the hallways with an obstinate child, wondering if anyone notices or cares and why you even came in the first place.  Women with a wardrobe of spit up, milk stained garments, sparing only those few “good” outfits for the rare special occasion of a wedding or funeral or solo trip to Wal-Mart for which you might find it worthwhile to dress up.  Women who find themselves on an emotional roller coaster of joy on days when you feel like a “good mommy” followed by hot tears of regret on days when you lay your head down on your pillow and feel like a failure.  Women who love every aspect of their life and family, but still find unfulfilled desires in their heart. 

This ministry is also for the women who are reading this blog longing again for the days of young motherhood.  Who have been there and done that and really just want to give me a hug right now and tell me it’s going to be okay.  Grandmothers who are enjoying the fruit of their labor. Women who can calm my fears and tell me it’s not all in vain and that I will reap one day if I don’t faint. Women who are ready to transition into new purpose refusing to believe that their best days are behind them.  I call them spiritual mothers, prayer mamas, teachers, and encouragers.  Women called and equip to pour into ladies like me and expose the lies and the assignments of the enemy against my generation.

The purpose of this project is not to add one more thing to our over loaded list of things to do.  It is a mandate and a call.  It is an intervention.  It is my assignment to gather women together, allow the truth of God’s Word to expose the lies of the enemy, and allow the Holy Spirit to free and to empower.  It is my assignment to rescue existing generations from the clutches of the enemy who desires to blind us from our purpose and potential in the Kingdom.  I believe we are in a critical hour, and the enemy is after our seed.  He knows that wounded mothers produce wounded children, and missionless mothers produce missionless children.  I fear our prayer focus has targeted only our teenagers and not focused and the ones raising them. 

My heart’s desire is to connect with a generation of seasoned and decorated veterans of the battle of motherhood who have conquered the enemy and seen their seed posses the land.  I want to see women who have been made wise to the wiles of the enemy, who have tasted defeat and rejoiced in victory, step up to the plate once again, understanding their ability to impart anointing and wisdom into a younger generation of women.  I want to see this group of women strengthened and empowered to walk in a new purpose and focus in the Kingdom.

I also desire to see a generation of young mothers who are not afraid to use a burp cloth as a sweat towel and declare the Word of the Lord with a baby in arms.  A young woman who understands that her gift of multitasking is not just for talking on the phone and changing diapers at the same time, but it’s for praying in the Holy Ghost while we dress our children for bed.  It’s for packing lunches and anointing the eating utensils with oil and declaring the Word of the Lord over our babies as we send them out.  It’s for a group of mothers to stand up and model the way to worship and pray, not only clothing our children with earthly garments, but clothing them also in the Spirit.  A group of women who understand that the key to raising a prophetic generation is modeling the way, not just teaching it.  There is a way to balance the responsibilities at hand and complete with confidence the mission set before us.

I long to see us connect and walk in true freedom and the fullness of the Spirit, taking back from the enemy the inheritance he is trying to steal. The Kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force.  The devil hasn’t seen violence until he encounters a Holy Ghost, fired baptized momma who feels her babies are endangered.  One can put a thousand to flight, and I am totally convinced that a group of praying mothers could shake the very gates of hell! I believe this mother’s conference is a weekend that we will be empowered and anointed to do just that…take the gates of our enemy!  We will change a generation in a day by the spirit! 

If this in any way describes your heart and quickens your spirit, I challenge you to connect with this ministry.  Maybe you didn’t realize there were others out there like you.  The Lord is calling his handmaidens and gathering his people.  A generation hangs in the balance. Will you answer the call and prepare the Way of the Lord?


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