Freshen Up Your Atmosphere!

I love breakfast! I do, I could and would eat breakfast foods at all times.  I love the smells of breakfast… scrumptious, buttery biscuits baking in the oven, buttermilk pancakes bubbling over the griddle, the savory smell of cheesy eggs, coffee brewing on the side… I can smell breakfast cooking a mile away!  You may share in my passion for breakfast (or not) but whatever your favorite meal is I am sure, that as women, you can smell it a mile away! Our sense of smell lets us know when things are cooking, baking, or burning. J  It is the sense of smell that I want to address, 2 Corinthians 2:14, “Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.” As funny as this may sound, we are God’s air fresheners! (My scent of course would be pancakes with syrup!) If we hold God’s truth in our heart and confess that He is the way, we “diffuse the fragrance of His Knowledge in every place”! Isn’t that amazing?!?  That no matter where we may have to go in one day… the doctor’s office, the mall playground, school, grocery store, or any random place your mommy/work duties may take you…you take the sweet smell of salvation, redemption and grace with you!  When you engage in conversations with other mother’s, wherever you may be, God’s presence is there and His Truth will shine forth.  How do we prepare for this?  By hiding the word of God in our hearts and knowing it in our minds! When we internalize His Truths in our heart they will flow out in every single one of our conversations in a manner so natural that it will become who were are.  Not only does this help us be missionaries everywhere we go but also be an “air freshener” in our own homes… when it seems that things are going crazy in your house… take a break and freshen every room up with the word of God.  Go into every room and declare the promises of God, for you and your family! I truly believe that our spoken words mixed in with unshakeable faith will dispel the lies and assignments over our families and children. His truth will shine forth through any situation, sickness, or trial.  Hallelujah! And as the verse says, God will leads us in triumph through Christ Jesus! Now go and have some breakfast and “Freshen” up your atmosphere!  Wilmari Hamilton


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