Faith That Can Not Fail!

My husband Michael and I were driving home the other night.  While waiting at the red light to turn left onto our road, I stretched my hand to the right towards our youth building (which is visible from the light).  I was praying and speaking life, rebuking the assignments of the devil, asking for revival, and praying in the Spirit.  Needless to say, everyone in the car knew I was praying!

Earlier that day we had stopped by the youth building to get something and our oldest, Elias, who is 4 yrs old, had to go potty…go figure!  Directly in front of the doors, there was a disassembled dead frog.  Of course, Elias was completely fascinated!  I say that to say, that as I was stretching my hand towards our youth building and praying, my little Elias joined in.  He stretched out his hand and began to declare with boldness and excitement, “God, I pray that frog lives in Jesus name!  Make him better and not sick!  Devil don’t make him sick!”  He then declared with a big grin on his face, “Mommy, that frog is going to live again!”  I just laughed and thought to myself, “Thank you God, he knows how to pray!”  But I also found myself thinking, “God, that frog is dead.  It’s completely disassembled!  You don’t care about that stupid frog!”  Then the Holy Spirit quickened me.  He said, “Don’t you break Elias’ spirit and faith.  He must call down fire on godless altars one day.  He must believe me to do what others won’t believe me for.  You just agree with him.  I can do whatever he is willing to believe me for.”  I quickly looked back at Elias and agreed with him, “Yes God can make that frog live again!”

The Lord spoke to me last summer about my Elias.  God said he would call down fire on godless altars and declare that Jehovah alone is God.  I believed God when He said it, but little did I know that my 4 yr. old son would pray prayers that would challenge my faith.  It is necessary that as we teach our children to pray and declare His word that we also teach them, “He who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him”….Elias never questioned God’s ability to bring life back to that frog.  After all, Mommy has told him about Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead and healing the blind man by putting spit mud on his eyes!  God made that frog the first time, why not again?  Elias came to God that night and simply believed that He was who He said He was.  “Life experience” and “religion” had taught me “better”, but in reality my 4 yr. old got it.

I rejoice knowing that “GREAT shall be the peace of my children, for they are being taught of the Lord.”  I encourage you mothers to never stop allowing the Holy Spirit to teach you as He teaches you how to teach your children.  He is so faithful to His Word!  He can not fail! Jihan Cox


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