What’s Your Daily Diet?

Psalms 31:7&8 says, “ I will be glad and rejoice in His mercy and steadfast love.  For He knows my adversities.  He has taken note of my life distresses.  He has not given me into the hand of my enemy.  He has set my feet in a broad place”.

WOW that has been my daily bread (spiritual diet) for days now.  I know my God is Soverign.  That name of God means He possesses all power and all authority. 

I am firm in my belief.  Because I keep His word I have great peace and NOTHING causes me to stumble (Psalm 119:165).   I am not one to tell of present struggles or present burdens.  I know that I am strong in the Lord and the power of His might (Ephesians 6:10).  I have learned that my Father is the only one who knows all things about me and He knows that I believe and trust His word in Romans 8:28 that tells me “He works all things together for my good.  I trust and obey Philippians 2:12 &13 that instructs me to work out my walk, my salvation, with fear and trembling because He is at work in me doing His good will, His good pleasure 

I am daily reminded that the power of life and death are in my tongue and I will eat the fruit of it (Proverbs 18:21). 

At this moment I am moved to share that I am presently experiencing distresses an adversities.   Instead of waiting till it is over and give a testimony I am strongly compelled to tell someone this:

Right now there is distress and adversities all around me…yes I’m talking in my world.  Oh I could tell you of the specific details that involve close family members and major transitions.  But that is not the purpose for you to read this blog.  For me to tell you of my full plate and heavy circumstances would stir your emotions and cause some to respond out of sympathy.  No, God ‘s purpose is to let you know He is saying…”hey I know your adversities and have already taken note.  I am working on your behalf.  Be encouraged to know that I have not given you into the hand of your enemy!!! 

Life happens, distresses come but we are not in the hands of our enemies!  Take courage because our Heavenly Father has set your feet in a broad place, a large place.  It is awesome to know He already knew it before I did and that is why I am at this place.   Right now He is telling me there is room for all that I am walking through.  He is telling you that your feet are stable and secure, you’re not about to go under or fall.  Take note that He has taken note and that’s why you are standing where you are in that broad place!  He set you there before the distress.  He took note that it was coming and set you in a large place.  That’s why you haven’t crumbled!! That’s why you haven’t lost your mind.  That’s why you can still smile and rejoice that you are stable and secure in His promises. 

So what’s your daily diet lately?

Darlene Landreth


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