Clothing The Next Generation In Action!

After the Zion Project “Mission Minded Motherhood Conference” I went home equipped and excited to begin to “clothe” my daughter Nyah with the mission that God had for her life.  To be very honest I was not sure exactly how I was to “teach” my daughter, since she is only two, I didn’t really think she would capture verses or songs! (“Oh me of little faith!” ) I decided that my husband and I would choose a verse every month and share it with Nyah every night, have her repeat back to us and then we would pray.  If anything I believed that the word would be spoken over her and Nyah would be covered with the promises of God.  So I began to recite Psalm 118:24, “This is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it.”  Nyah would repeat it in her own toddler language, some nights harder than others, as we know “night, night time” isn’t always the happiest time, but we would stay there with her until we had recited it completely.  This routine continued for the whole month and then on the first of June my husband and I were debating which new verse we should do, Nyah overheard us and exclaimed (on her own) “Dis is de day, the Lord has ade, I Rejoice and be gan it it!”  Talk about a Hallelujah moment!  My husband and I were abundantly overflowing in our hearts and with our praises to her.

 Psalm 8:2 “From the lips of children and infants
       you have ordained praise (Strength-KJV) 
       because of your enemies,
       to silence the foe and the avenger.”

This is what God has ordained for my daughter, and for that matter every one’s child, to praise the Lord and gain the strength of God over their enemies and to silence those that try to come up against them.  My little mind did not fully understand that it was not dependent on my skill of “teaching”, God already said in his word that it has already been ordained, God is the one that put it in her heart and on her lips, I was just an agent of God to help release that which was already in her!  Our nighttime routine has become one of the most precious things to my family.  Nyah has learned two verses and we are on our third now, she also has started to pray on her own!  I do not say these things to boast about myself, but to boast in the One whom has given my daughter a greater calling.

I know that each one of our children has a mighty and great calling for the kingdom of God NOW, not tomorrow or when they are older but NOW!The Zion Project vision statement includes the following, “to reclaim our inheritance by pouring into and equipping the next generation for this final hour of the church”.   This is what we will be doing at the Mighty Warriors Children’s Conference, pouring the word of God into our children and equipping them with the armor of God!  So we invite you to bring your children and equip them with the armor of God!  Wilmari Hamilton


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