Our Children Are Part of the Church Now!

In light of our upcoming children’s conference I am compelled to share some thoughts that burn within me.  The theme of our children’s conference is “Mighty Warriors”.  The subject of this ministry should provoke us all to the realization that raising a generation of victorious warriors begins NOW with you and me. 

Recently I viewed a documentary about child soldiers in Uganda.  I was shocked to read of factual wars in Uganda were children as young as 6 years of age were abducted from their homes and taken to “the bush” as it was called.  In the bush soldiers would drug, torture and brainwash the children until they were part of an army called “Lords Resistance Army”.  This army was dedicated to killing people young and old, male and female.  Once brainwashed and trained these children became child soldiers.  It’s appalling to think of children that were forced to become a part of a murderous military army, but it happens.  The statistics state that over 30,000 children were kidnapped, abducted and taken to the bush to be trained for the LRA. 

So what’s my point?  For too long the church has patted children on the head and sent them to be entertained by puppets and a penny march.  They were told they were the church of tomorrow.  I say they are not the church of tomorrow but they are part of the church today.  Our children are well able to be trained and taught that they now have the power and authority to overcome the enemy of their soul.  They can be taught they are a vital part of the church to day and God can and will use them now to lay hands on the sick. Our children can know now what it is to have faith to believe in their prayers.   Please don’t misunderstand my heart.  I believe and support a puppet ministry.  The church where my family and I are involved uses this and other exciting tools for ministry.   

What I want to say is the church adults, leaders, parents and grandparents must realize an eternal war is waging now in the heavens to keep our children from the truth.  Many children are lead astray by false hopes and dreams.  The world wants to lead them to believe in a magician and magic to get their power. Why is it the world decides it is possible to train small children to become strong in armed forces but often some adults of the church are waiting for our children to become  “of age” before they are encouraged to worship.  Or they must be “of age” to be welcomed at the altar to lay hands on the sick. 

There is an unstoppable force lying within our children.  Let’s teach them that they are part of the army of the Lord now.  They need to know now they have a military uniform to wear according to Ephesians 6.  We must teach them how to use their weapons of warfare.  Let’s teach them to pray.  We must equip them with the sword of the spirit.  Let’s give them opportunities now and allow our children to open their young mouths with authority and see their situations change.  Let’s build their confidence to know that they can be protected from evil influence. 

I do believe the church is awakening to the responsibility that our children are part of the church now. Our children are preparing the way of the Lord!  Darlene Landreth


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