Mount Moriah Day

Today was Mount Moriah day in the Wallace house.  If you don’t know what a Mount Moriah day is, it is the day my children start back to public school.  Mount Moriah was the place that Abraham was asked to sacrifice his only son on an alter to the Lord.  We all know that Isaac, the son, did not truly have to die, but it was merely a test of Abraham’s obedience and devotion to the Lord.

I had the usual spiritual-emotional wrestling match with the decision on whether or not to home school this year.  As I agonized over letting go and trusting the Lord yet again, I came to some very comforting conclusions in my life.  It is all about timing.  God strategically places his troops where they are needed.  Our children, no matter how young or old, are apart of His army.  They, too, have a position to fill.  Some are positioned in the home and in home school co-ops.  Some are placed in Christian school settings or private school arenas where we sometimes neglect to see the harvest field in need.  Some, like my babies, are placed in public school settings.  This may be the vilest of all arenas at times, but if we as Christians totally retreat from secular arenas, how will the world see the light?

As I cried before the Lord one night over this school year, He took me to 3 very familiar passages.  The first was the passage in Matthew 5:13-16. My babies are a light, and I need to let them shine.  As I argued with the Lord about the possible dangers awaiting them—Harry Potter, 4-letter words, aggressive girl friends, carnal teachers, etc., the Lord took me to Matthew 15:10-18. If I truly hide the Word in my children’s hearts, it is not their external environment that will alter them.  The internal truth will keep them grounded, so I need not fear the world.  It is what is planted in their heart that will prevail.  Lastly, as I began to assert my mother’s authority, I argued with God that I was responsible for their care and I had to do what was best. He simply took me to Matthew 15: 32-36 and gave me a choice.  He said to me, “Deven, what’s in your basket?  You can keep it for yourself, or you can give it to me and I will feed the multitudes.”

So if you are a mother of school age children as I am, I wanted to encourage you today with this.  It’s all about obedience, and it’s all about timing.  God knows what arena our children should be in to gain internal stability in Him.  He has a position for them and timing for that position.  Whether it’s at home, whether it’s at a private school, or whether it’s at a public school, we simply have to trust Him.  He gave them to us.  It is the Lord who has filled our baskets.  When he asks for our loaves and fish, do we trust him enough to let Him bless it, break it, and feed the multitude?  It was after Jesus had fed the crowd that the single basket turned into twelve full baskets. This lets us know that the Lord will never leave us empty handed!  Our children can take part in the Kingdom of God.  We have to release them to be the mighty warriors He is calling them to be.  Deven Wallace


One response to “Mount Moriah Day

  1. Melissa Cureton

    Thank you so much for the encouraging words. Our children do enter into a battlefield. It is our jobs as mothers to equip them for the battle. They are a lot stronger than we give them credit for.

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