Happy New Year from The Zion Project!

I pray that all of you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to 2010 as much as we are!  I wanted to take a few minutes and reflect on 2009 and talk about the future of The Zion Project Ministries.

It’s hard to believe 2009 is over and we had 3 tremendous conferences!  We started the year by setting aside 3 days of fasting and engaging in prayer.  I’ve received wonderful testimonies about how people and churches were changed as a result of this conference, and in fact set the foundation for a year when many saw God move in a new and powerful way.  Prayer groups were started, strongholds were broken, revivals broke out, and may other wonderful things came forth from this special time in the presence of the Lord.  Following The Prayer Summit we held the Mission Minded Motherhood Conference, which equipped natural and spiritual mothers with knowledge and tools to help raise this prophetic generation.  Finally, we had our Mighty Warrior’s Children’s Conference which saw many children saved and filled with the Holy Ghost! Our children are never too young and we felt the need to equip them to be mighty warriors for Christ.

As Pastor Anna (co-founder of The Zion Project Ministries) and I discussed 2010, we were directed to the passage in the Bible where Jesus traveled to Bethany to visit his friends, Mary and Martha.  As Jesus entered their house, Mary choose to drop everything-her duties, hosting, and serving-to just simly sit at the feet of Jesus.  Martha, on the other hand, immediatily began to prepare to serve Jesus and his guests.  At some point in her hectic perparation, Martha realized her sister’s absences and realized she was the only one serving.  I imagine she quickly went to Mary and requested her help.  “Why are you just sitting, when your help is needed in the kitchen”?  “Who do you think you are to leave all the work to me?”  When Mary did not conform to Martha’s expectations, Martha then went to Jesus and complained only to be told that “Mary is doing the needful thing”.  Can you imagine Martha’s reaction to all of this.  She was the one doing the hard labor, cooking, sweating, and cleaning to prepare for Jesus and his guest and yet Jesus told her that “Mary was doing the “needful” thing.  Thoughts like, “well, I would like to just sit and do nothing too, but who will serve you and your guest” or “I would like to just sit and enjoy your presence too, but the food will burn.”  Hundred of sermons from various perspectivies have been preached from this passage.  Questions arise like, “Am I suppose to be like Mary or Martha”.  “Should I just sit in His presence or be a servant for Him and his guest?” I believe the lesson we are to take from this passage is not to be more like Mary or more like Martha but to be both.

With direction from the Lord, I am being lead to take the month of January to seek the Lord for the direction of the Zion Project for 2010.  I don’t ever want to get caught in a rut or system of doing things just because they have worked in the past.  This is God’s ministry and I want to seek His direction in a fresh way for this new year.  Please join me in praying and fasting, and I look forward to sharing the Lord’s plans for this ministry in February.  Please take the tools you learned last year in the prayer summit to seek the Lord through fasting and prayer as you start your year.

I appreciate all of you and thank you for making 2009 such a successful first year for The Zion Project Ministries.




One response to “Happy New Year from The Zion Project!

  1. Thanks sister Deven for your work. My life was blessed by you & Sister anna last year & I look forward to seeing what’s in store.

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