About The Zion Project


To provide an avenue for the Holy Spirit to renew spiritual intimacy among women through prayer and fasting, to restore kingdom identity to our generation by hearing the voice of our Creator and exposing the lies of the enemy, and to reclaim our inheritance by pouring into and equipping the next generation for this final hour of the church.


The Zion Project will achieve its vision by hosting yearly conferences in strategic locations to minister to women from all nationalities, cultures and walks of life.

The first conference was a prayer summit for women of all ages to join together to pray, fast, and seek the Lord.

The second conference is geared toward mothers to annoint, equip, and empower them to raise their families and operate in kingdom identity.

The third conference will minister to broken and wounded women who have experienced terrible life situations such as abuse and divorce to provide healing and restoration.

The final conference will be geared toward women in leadership such as minister’s wives and lady ministers and will serve to bring rest, healing, restoration and empowerment.

The ongoing mission of the Zion Project will be to raise up and pour into the next generation through mentoring classes and ministry opportunities for young women of all ages.

Restoring Identity, Renewing Intimacy, Reclaiming Inheritance


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